Once you have created a solicitation and prepared the content and the list of emails to which the email should be sent, you are ready to schedule for future delivery.

1.  Click "Email" in the top menu.

2.  Locate your Email Solicitation (pick it from the list or search by Name/Description).

3.  Click the "open" button associated with your solicitation.

4.  On the left, click "Emails"

5.  Click "Tasks" on the bottom right.

6.  Select "Schedule Email" from the menu.

7.  Enter the Date/Time on which you want the email sent (i.e., 06/29/2015 04:40 PM)

8.  If you open your solicitation, you will see that the status is "Scheduled", and the "Date Started/Scheduled" shows the date and time you just entered.

9.  To modify a scheduled send time, just click the calendar to the right of the "Date Started/Scheduled" field and select a new date/time.