Every web page has a unique URL or web address.  Your Big River pages likely have a URL that looks something like this:


You can share this URL to direct people to your page.  But the link is quite long.  If you are sharing via Twitter or other social media, you want to use your characters as efficiently as possible and a long URL like this eats up your available space.

This is where tiny URLs come in. They are abbreviated versions of a longer URL that direct users to the same page.  They look something like this:


Big River has a built in tiny URL generator.  Each of your pages has both a long URL and a tiny URL.

To find them, open the page.  Click "Widgets" in the left menu.

The Tiny URL is at the top of the page.  The longer URL is beneath it.

*You can customize your tiny URL.  For instructions, see FAQ "How do I customize my URL?"