Once you have created a solicitation and prepared the content and the list of emails to which the email should be sent, you are ready to schedule for future delivery.

1.  Locate your Email Solicitation (pick it from the list or search by Name/Description).

2.  Hover over your email you want to schedule and click the "edit" button associated with your solicitation.

3.  You will now be at the Status editor for your email to be scheduled. You can also add a new segment/contact list in the "To" section of your editor, change who the email is coming from in the "From" part of your editor and you can continue to edit the email further if you'd like in the "Message" part of the editor as seen below in this picture:

4. For the purposes of this solution, you are going to want to click "Schedule Email" as seen below to schedule this to go out at your desired time:

5. From here, a calendar will open for you to choose the date and time that you wish to have the email go out to the list you've chosen. Once you've chosen your time and date, click schedule and it will put your time and date into your email to go out:

6. You've now successfully scheduled your email to be sent out at your desired date and time:

7. Save and exit once you've followed these steps