The confirmation emails use the same email definitions as other Big River emails.  You can change:

  • The content of the confirmation email
  • The stationery surrounding the content.
  • The subject line of the confirmation email.
  • The From, To names and addresses.
  • One or more email accounts in your organization that gets blind-copied on confirmation emails.

In the editor for a form, select the "Confirmation Page" tab on the left-hand side.  This shows the selected confirmation page for this form.  Note that the same confirmation page may be used for many of your forms.  Any changes to a confirmation page will take effect across all forms that use it.

Select the pencil icon to edit the current form.  This will take you to the receipt editor:  On the Content tab, you can change the content of the confirmation page using rich text, graphics and Big River merge fields.

To edit the Receipt Email, start from the Confirmation Email tab for Catalogs, or Confirmation Email tab for other forms:

Clicking on the pencil icon will take you to the list of emails for the Catalog or directly to the content for the form.  For Catalogs

On the Email Header, you can change the from, to addresses and blind-copy addresses.  You can have multiple sets of email settings with different addresses and blind copies.  If the dropdown reads "Inherit from Account" the system will use your overall account email settings.  You can change these settings via the "My Account" menu option on the upper right-hand dropdown menu.

Note that you must have one BCC defined for your confirmation emails.  If one is not defined on the confirmation email attached to the page, the system will use any BCCs set up on your overall account email settings.  If none are defined on the overall account, the system will BCC the primary User of the account.