What Do You Want To Create First? 

Click on "Create New Raffle" to go to the raffle setup form. Type in the name of your raffle, some descriptive text, and the date and time you want to end your raffle sales. 

!! The date you end your sales should be a day or two before the scheduled raffle drawing, usually at 1159PM. This will allow you enough time between the close of sale and the drawing to complete any of your final preparations for the drawing.

A stock image is provided for your raffle, but you can replace it with a jpg or png image of your choice. To do that, click on the "Replace' button under the image and select the image you want to use from your system. 

!! Do you have a jpg or png image of your raffle ticket? Images of raffle tickets are good to use as they usually contain your organization name and contact information, details about the prizes, the date of drawing, and other specifics that your purchasers will want to know. 

Raffle Ticket Items are how you sell tickets to your raffle.  You can set up a raffle ticket item to sell a single ticket or multiple tickets at a discount. A default raffle ticket item for selling a single ticket for $1.00 is automatically created for you as part of your setup. If you want to change the price delete the $1.00 and enter your preferred price into that field. If you want to add additional raffle ticket items, see below.

To create an additional raffle ticket item, click on the + icon at the end of the first raffle ticket item line.

Enter a name for the new item, the number of tickets to be sold as part of this item, and the price.

To remove a raffle ticket item, click on the - icon at the end of the raffle ticket item line. 

Click "Create" to create your raffle. You will be taken to a form indicating that your raffle has been created and published to your personal catalog. You will also see a "Preview" button - click on this button to take you to your Raffle Dashboard.

What's next?

See the Additional Tasks list on the right side of your Dashboard page.


The following are automatically created for you as part of your raffle set up:

  • A Confirmation Page which the purchaser will see on their device when they have completed their purchase
  • A Confirmation Email which will be sent to the purchaser after they have completed their purchase. Ticket stubs for the raffle ticket purchased will be sent to the purchaser as a jpg attachment to this email.

!! These confirmations may be customized to your organization's specifications. For details on how to do this, contact DonorPoint technical support at help@gobigriver.com.

Test Transactions

You can submit a test transaction to the system to see the purchase process as your buyers will see it. Click on "Test Transaction" under the Additional Tasks list.

!! Your merchant account must be set up before you can complete a test transaction, including the generation of the confirmation page and confirmation email. Until that account has been successfully set up you will be unable to progress past the checkout page. 

Share Raffle

When you click on the "Share Raffle" link you will be taken to the "Edit and Share Social Media" screen. Look for the item called "Tiny URL Link". Copy this link and paste it into your website, emails, or other publicity materials - when purchasers click on this link or enter it into their browser they will be taken directly to your catalog page and raffle ticket items. 


Enter a Title and a Description that will be added to your social media postings. 

Click on "Upload" to add an image that will be used in your social media posts. An image is optional.

Click on the "Facebook" and "Twitter" icons to add these links to the confirmations that will be generated for purchasers to share. You will be prompted to log in to your account and add descriptive text to the message, if desired

Click on the the "Save and Return" button in the upper right corner of the screen to return to the Dashboard.

Send Promotional Email

For assistance in setting up and sending a promotional email contact DonorPoint technical support.

last update 5/18/2021