Our customers asked and we listened. Big River has a new feature that we've added to make it easier for you to add event packages to many places like pages and catalogs. You can also create your own landing page as well and add it into a category of your choosing. Pretty cool right!

So how do you do this? I am going to walk you through it with images.

First step is to open any event from the event tab:

Next step is open any event you'd like and hit detailed edit as you hover over the event you want to manage.

Once you've done that, scroll to the bottom of the page until you see add event to...and click that button:

The next step will be to choose where you want this event package to go to when the pop-up opens:

As you can see there are several different choices to be made for where this can end up. Based on your feedback, it was important to have the major options in Big River to add an event package available, but if you are looking to add something to a page, it will require to add a page it needs to in the dropdown. Choose the appropriate page and hit ok.

Once you've chosen the page you want it to go too, you will end up on the overview tab of that particular page:

You can now begin to make changes to that particular event if you need to in like any other page/item feature:

Repeat this process with community fundraiser and existing catalog. Same steps.

The last one where you add an event package to a new event will take a couple extra steps to get you to the finish line.

First thing is to name your event, add a description and a page frame (if you have a page frame. It's not necessary). This is after you've chosen the event you started in and want to create something new to add this particular event package in.

Once you've done that, hit OK and it will direct you to the new page where you can now update and edit. You now took an event package and created a landing page!

Those are the steps to now move your event package anywhere you want! Any questions, please reach out to help@gobigriver.com.