1. Log into your Community Page as an Admin on the web
  2. Once you've done that, if you were planning on inviting a new organization team leader, you would click the invite fundraiser button:


  1. Next, you'll then manually add in their email address to send whoever that is an invite (ex. an EY Young Leader) then next edit message:


  1. After you've clicked edit message, what pops up should be what you've already added for the invitation email (make sure you've changed that in your Big River Production area for email templates). Then hit "send invitation".

That is all you need to do to invite a Team Leader from a company to start their fundraising campaign.

Here is how the team leader will invite their teams to start their mini-fundraisers. This is after they've registered or logged in if they already have an account:

  1. First thing they will need to do is is to do the same thing that you did which is to invite teammates


  1. Once they've clicked that, the "add your contact names" will pop up again. They can manually add the name of that person of their company just like you did.


Click Edit message to get to the area to send the email. Then send the email to that teammate.

Next Piece is for the teammate to set up their cause and choose the story they want to add.

  1. First thing that needs to happen is they need to start a fundraiser when they get the invite from their team leader.
  2. Once they click that email link, they will go to the main splash page. They will click start fundraiser. They can use their login at that point if they already have a Big River Account, but most likely they will need to create a new one:


  1. Once they've set themselves up or logged in, they will then need to create their fundraiser.


They can create their own, or use the dropdown to pick the three stories you have for them. I would recommend telling them to use one of the 3 unless they want to populate all of their own information (which is fine too).

Once they created their fundraiser, they can then do the same invitation process to add their own teammates.

The next step for the teams would be than to send invitations to their donors. That process is just as easy as sending an invite to their teammates except they might want to use an excel file of contacts to send a large email to donors.