1. Click the Items tab on the left-hand side in your Big River Production page
  2. Hover over your Item that you are looking to make changes to and hit edit (if this is a new program you are looking to create, click create new catalog, page, event or item. For a community page, click here for set-up)
  3. Once the edit section opens, please click categories
  4. Then click detailed edit on the section you're looking to make changes to:


      5. Then choose Items and Pages and Detailed Edit on that that section you want to make changes to

      6. For a new price, Scroll down the page until you see Price and click the + sign:

      7. Use the drop down menu and choose Multiple Pricing. Now you'll need to name your pricing and then choose "Add A Price Level". Too add in names, Change the Label to what you want it to say (Annual Fund Donation), Name it for yourself (so you can find it again for yourself) and use a prompt text that the donor will see online before the checkout process:

Once you hit your add a price level, you will have the option to name this if you want (but you don't need to). But if you did Then just type in any number you want to have in as the price and hit create. You should do this for all the prices you'd like to have the donor choose from:

Once you've added all of your prices (you should also add an open choice your own price. You can do that by adding a new price level and typing in the price of Your Choice. Create that and will now be a box online where the donor can enter any number they want), then hit create:

The make sure you "Save" your work. You will now be able to have this pricing model look like this online: