Why would you duplicate a page? The reason you would do that is because you easily retain your formatted page/event year after year with making little to no changes without having to do a new page from scratch. In this note, we will show you how to do this very quickly!

The following items get linked to the new Page as-is, and if you change them you will be affecting the duplicated page and any others that depend on the same content and items:

  • Page Frame
  • Items
  • Custom properties
  • Payment Methods
  • Confirmation Page
  • Confirmation Email

We tell you this as a reminder to look through all each area for changes in dates, verbiage, images etc...

To start duplicating a page click on your basics tab and go to the bottom of the page and click duplicate page. This will create a new copy for you. Then Save:

Choose the design tab next and make any changes you need if this is a new campaign. If it's just a new year that you're running the same campaign, make changes necessary for the new year:

Your page frame will not need to change. It will still be your current page frame unless you've updated it. If you've updated it, click page frame and then search for the name of the page frame you want to use for your campaign. If you don't know what that is, please email help@gobigriver.com.

Next is our items tab. Click on Detailed Item on the far right to open the item for any editing you will need to make for the current year and to duplicate your item for 2019. Here's how to do that (but it isn't necessary to do any changes to items if you don't want too):

On your basics tab (after you've gotten into your detailed item) scroll down the page and click Duplicate Donation Item then click Save and Exit. This will create a new copy for you and you will probably want to change the name of it for the new year:

Next thing you should do is head to the payment options and choose the ones that make sense, or eliminate any that don't make sense. If there are just the options you want, then you can save and move on to your confirmation page and email.

First step on the Confirmation Page is to duplicate this page, rename it and then save (only if you want to make changes to the new page. If you don't move along and save):

Once you save the new confirmation page, the Confirmation page name will change to the one you saved it too. You can now also edit anything in your design section of the confirmation page to reflect the new year for the event/campaign:

If you're satisfied with what is in there, go ahead and save after you've finished editing your content.

For the confirmation email, repeat exactly what you did for the confirmation page. Duplicate it, rename it and save. Then move on to your content area and make any changes you'd like, then save (same goes here if you are satisfied with the email, leave it as is and move on to Social).

Last but not least, updating your Social Settings. First thing to do is rename this campaign the name box and also give it a title (but that's optional). Title's go well on Facebook and are favorable in search results, but aren't necessary. 

While an image is not required, we encourage you to upload one so that when your campaign gets shared, it looks vibrant when being posted to Twitter and Facebook. Also add a description so that when it does get shared, it isn't blank and explains what your campaign is doing. Lastly, choose the boxes for Facebook, Twitter and optional for Email. If you choose email, please add in a subject line and some information into that so they know why they are receiving the email.

Once you've done these steps, save your work and go over to the task bar and choose View Public Form to see the work you've just completed. Make sure to go back to you Basics Tab one last time and turn your campaign on to Public from Draft if you haven't already.

For any questions, please reach out to help@gobigriver.com.