1. Go to User Accounts

2. Once your view starts, choose the columns button to open which columns you need to choose:

3. First, remove all columns to have a blank column on your right by clicking remove all:

4. Once you've removed all the columns, go into the available columns and add these 4 available columns and copy them to the right:

First Name

Last Name

Locked Out

Account-Primary User Account

4a. Then Hit OK

5. Your report will now pull out the four columns you asked for and show you the locked out accounts associated with your as the AD.

6. From here, save this report as a name you want (ex. Locked Accounts) by clicking this button:

7. This report will now be saved as a view for you every time you go to your User Accounts tab in the drop down box located in the "Default View". 

If you want to unlock them, hover over the name of the appropriate account and choose edit. From that contact card page, head down to tasks and unlock the user as you would any other user account.