From the Community tab, select New Fundraiser and then select your company from the dropdown at the top, and click on "Create" for Workplace Giving Campaign (note these may be corporate partner specific in the future): 

Big River Fundraiser Account admin United way United Way of Greater Cleveland Workplace Civing Campaign Template for the annual Workplace Civing campaign, for use by ECMs to create their company's campaign. Create Help x undraisers Hi, The Admin A Hame Catalog Events Community • Contacts C Recurring 9 Segments Auto responders Exports Settings social Accounts user Active Draft Pub'ic Unite Wa United W Greater C Shell united W Campaign Template for t Workplace Ci Edit Bestgriends Donate Page Simple mobile-friendly donate page for donations, recurring donations and tribute/memorial gifts. Create Best;riends Membership Invite su pporters to become shelter members with an annual commitment. Create upport Estark Limitless reate a campaign page. Seta oal and an end date. Define... 0.00 of S25,oaaoo Edit Preview


Before you can enter in some information after clicking "Create". Scroll to the bottom of the Edit page below and click on "Save". Then click on Community tab and select edit on the campaign you just created. The form will now not be grayed out. 


Big River A Home Catalog Pages Events Items Community 2 Contacts Transactions C Recurring @ Segments Content Exports @ Email Settings Social Insights Accounts Help Hi, Ron Cass (AD)* aasics Engagement Splash Page Checkout Page Confirmation Page SEC)/Social Settings Fundraisers Transactizns Payment Options (O) Promotizn Codes (O) Confirmation Emai' {1) Reports Edit United Way Workplace Giving Campaign Name united Way Workplace Civing Campaign Description Template for the annual Workplace Civing campaign, for use by ECMs to create their company's campaign Text used on the public Community home pege and in social media and search engine optimization Status D raft/ Test Account Amalgamated Lint Archived Integration Code Redirect Form Enforce Blacklisting This option controls whether or not to block visitors create too many declined transactions in a Tiny URL code CPEHMXFE A tiny UAL code usedto navigate page. uses letters, numbers, dashes, and/or underscores. Allow Anonymous Start Date End Date 10/01/2018 12:00 AM Coal Image United Way United Way of Greater Cleveland Upload... Event * required fields Duplicate Fundraiser Save and Exit Coal Progress $0.00 3 months, 21 days, 11 hours, 50 minutes remaining Team Progress Duplicate Fundraiser Save and Exit Cancel Cancel Tasks Fundraising Goal: $250,00000 Tasks Support Contact US I Terms of use Policies copyright t) 2011-2018 Big River online


Name the Fundraiser the company name campaign and year ex: Cleveland Clinic Campaign 2018. 


Status can stay at Draft/Test during initial build. You will not be able to invite employees in Draft/Test mode. When you are ready to kickoff the campaign, make sure the status is set to Internal Only. This will make the site active only to internal employees of this company. If you set the Status to Public, it will be available for everyone. 


Change the Account to the company you are building the campaign for. 


The Redirect Form will not be used in Workplace campaigns. The Redirect Form will come into play on something like Stuff the Bus where after that event is over and user tries to access that page, they will be redirected to a form that can be edited to thank them and link them to the individual campaign should they wish to make a donation. The workplace campaign will be open year round and we will turn off any pledge methods that put responsibility on the company outside of the workplace campaign dates. For example, if a company runs a workplace campaign from October 1st - October 31st; we will turn off payroll deduction, cash, and check. We will leave on credit card, direct bill, and electronic check(ACH).  


For the start and end date of the campaign, please be mindful of these dates. The site will CLOSE at the specified end date and time. If you know your campaign will be extended back or if the campaign kicked off late because of late materials, please update the end date and time. We will track close dates to the best of our abilities on the Sharepoint calendar and update available pledge methods once the campaign closes.  


If you are creating a new goal, do not add a comma in the Goal field. Ex: 50000 and not 50,000. When creating a goal you can switch Value to Count and track participation by making the goal amount the amount of employees in the company. 


Engagement tab -> STORIES WILL NOT BE USED IN WORKPLACE CAMPAIGNS. Stories will be created for specific appeal campaigns such as the 211 appeal. 

x Home Catalog Community Contacts Transactions Recurring Segments Autoresponders Skins Exports Email Settings a Social Accounts Users Edit Hello Overview Basics Engagement Stories Splash Page Checkout Page Confirmation Page Email Templates SEO/Social Settings Sharing Fundraisers Transactions Payment Options (O) Promotion Codes (O) Confirmation Email (1) Peports Select Stand Together Elijah Turan Elijah's story Copy of Elijah's story OK ou to look at Action Name Elijah's story Add Story Desc I sta com United Way of Creater Cleveland United Way of Creater Cleveland United Way of Creater Cleveland United Way of Creater Cleveland Cancel x Select Duplicate Fun


Splash Page – The content on this page is not used, as employees will be taken directly to the Donation Page.  However you need to set the  

Page Frame tab to one of the following depending on campaign: 


 For Cleveland employees only use 'Workplace Campaign Skin – Donation Form'.  


For an AreaWide campaign use 'Workplace Campaign Skin – Donation Form' 


For a Medina only campaign use 'Workplace Campaign Skin – MD Donation Form' 


For a Tri-Fed campaign use 'Workplace Campaign Skin – Tri-Fed Donation Form'