For any item, you may define a document that will be attached to the receipt email when that item is purchased.

For example:

  • Attach a temporary membership card when a membership is purchased Attach a certificate for gift membership to a gift membership item
  • Attach a supply list to a class/workshop registration
  • Attach directions, parking information, etc. to an event registration

An attachment is composed of an HTML document, optionally using Big River merge tags for detail and personalization.  You edit the content in the same HTML editor used throughout Big River.  Big River generates a PDF file from this content after the transaction and attaches it to the receipt email.  A copy is also kept as part of the transaction detail record in Big River.

Attachments are reusable across items in Big River, and you can control whether only one instance of a particular document will be attached to the receipt.

To create an item-specific attachment for an item:

  1. Open the item for which you want to create an attachment.
  2. Click ATTACHMENT on the left menu.
  3. Select an attachment from the dropdown menu or click “+” to create a new attachment document.

The fields are:

  • Name: Unique name for the attachment document.  This will appear in the dropdown for attachments across items.
  • Width: Document width in inches - this is pre-defined for 8 1/2' x 11" paper
  • HEIGHT: Document height in inches - this is pre-defined for 8 1/2' x 11" paper
  • MARGINS: In inches in order top, right bottom, left

Click Create.  You will be taken to the Document Template detail editor to edit the content.  In the Content field on the attachment, insert text and/or graphics for your document.

The Save and Exit button will take you back to the item edit, where the new document template will be selected as the attachment.  You will also be able to control whether multiple copies of the attachment should be attached to a receipt email when multiple items containing the same attachment are in the transaction by checking/unckeching the Attachment Distinct checkbox.