You can add additional users to your Big River account.  There are two major types of users:

  • Admins - users with read-write access to all items in the system
  • Members - users with read-only access to items in the system

Adding either type of user starts from the menu in the upper-right corner of screen, select 'Manage Account':

This will take you to your account settings.  Select 'Add User' from the menu at the bottom of the page:

Enter the new user info:

The user will be created and will be sent an activation email.  The user is created as an Account 'member' by default - someone who only has read access to your account.  To grant full privileges to the new user, select the Admins tab and add the new user to that list.

They are created as a Member user, who has only read-only to your Catalogs, Items, Contacts, etc, You can make them an admin if you want them to have read-write access to your entire Big River account by selecting the Admins tab, then selecting them to the list of admins.  Note that this may increase your monthly subscription:

The new user will receive an activation email will containing a temporary password and activation link:

Once they select the link, their account will be activated and they can use the temporary password to log in:

Once they log in for  the first time, they will be prompted to enter a new password:

If they have 'member' access, they will have limits to what they can see and do in Big River.  They can get to the links for landing pages and catalogs:

As a user, even a limited 'member' user, they can access hidden items and payment methods in Catalogs, which enables them to support back office operations.  From the list of Catalogs, a member can select the Login link from the View menu to be prompted to log in to the catalog:

They will use their same user name and new password to log in:

And then they have access to all store public and hidden categories, activities and items:

And private payment methods on check-out: