If your fundraiser supports multiple team members, you can easily invite your friends and family to join you.

From your fundraiser dashboard, select the "Invite Teammates" button.

You'll see a popup box that starts by allowing you to enter or select email addresses of people to invite:

The options include:

  • Manually Enter Contacts - type in emails, separated by semi-colons

  • Import Contacts From File - import an excel file containing email addresses in the first column
  • Select Use Contacts in a Group - if you have sent emails in the past, and as people donate to your page, your database will already include them

Once you have specified email addresses in any of these ways, select the "NEXT: EDIT MESSAGE" button to personalize your email.

The text of the message will be pre-defined by the organization you are supporting and may contain merge tags that are replaced with information from the fundraiser's definition.  You can edit the text of this message,  change fonts and colors, and add images and links.  Once you are satisfied with your message, select "SEND MESSAGES" to send it.

Note this email will always have a button to join your team in it.  This will be located in your content where the #{FIXED} merge tag is.  If you delete this tag, the system will automatically add the button after the content of your email.

You can perform this task multiple times to send new invitations to potential teammates you think of.

Your fundraiser dashboard will reflect how many invitations you have sent out and how many have started teams.