1.    Log in to admin: https://production.gobigriver.com/admin/login.seam  

2.    Select User Accounts from left navigation (it’s all the way at the bottom left). 

3.    Search in the top right for the first or last name of the employee, username or email.  

4.    Locate the employee in the list of results, and hover below the email address in the first column to show the links – then click Edit. 

5.    Scroll to the bottom of the account page, and open the Tasks menu on the bottom right.


6.    Select the Unlock account task from the drop down menu.

7.    Once you've done that, a new screen will pop up asking you to put in a temporary password (which must me 8 characters long with 1 Uppercase Letter and 1 Number).

8.    Once you've put the new temporary password in each box, click OK and the user will receive an email on how to unlock their account if you have the send email box checked.