Adding a click-on waiver in Big River requires at most two steps:

  • Uploading the waiver document to Big River, or noting the URL if it is stored elsewhere online.
  • Creating the waiver custom field and adding the link to the document

If your waiver terms are already available online, collect the URL to the waiver terms and skip to step 2.

Uploading the Waiver Document to Big River

If your waiver terms are not already available online, you will upload them into Big River's Content library first.

Click on the 'Content' menu, then the Files link from the left-hand sidebar and click create new file:

Big River allows you to upload files of any type, up to 40MB in size for use in your Big River items and catalogs.  

Select your file, 'Open' it (depending on your computer's operating system file popup), and select the 'Create' button in the Big River file upload popup.  The uploaded file will appear at the top of the list:

The 'Download' link on the list is the link to the file on Big River by hovering over your new file and clicking "Download".  Copy this URL by selecting it with your browser and copying the link location.  In Chrome this looks like:

Creating the Waiver Checkbox on an Item or Page

Once you have a link to your waiver document, you are ready to create a waiver input on your item or form and include the link to the document in the prompt.  In your Item or Form, select the Customization tab, and 'Create Custom Field' and choose "Custom URL Field" or "Custom Checkbox Field" are your choices for the custom field you're creating:

In the prompt, you can include the URL to the waiver by writing an HTML anchor tag or the form:

<a href="YOUR URL" target="_blank">here</a>

Where YOUR URL is the link to the waiver document, _blank means open it in a new tab, and 'here' is the text of the link.

Mark the 'Required' box to require the constituent to check the box to add the item to their cart:

The link will open your waiver doc in a new browser tab: