There are four sets of pricing you can set up for your donors in Big River:

  1. Fixed
  2. Free
  3. Variable
  4. Multiple Pricing

All of these types of options will be used at some point for your Pages, Events, Catalog and Peer to Peer campaigns.  Prices can be selected again based on what you name them and you can see that here.

---Fixed price is very simple; you have one price that someone will pay for your event.  Once you add this into your pricing model for whichever event, page, catalog or peer to peer campaign you are putting together, see the steps below to make it happen

  1. Click the Items tab on the left-hand side in your Big River Production page
  2. Hover over your Item that you are looking to make changes to and hit edit (if this is a new program you are looking to create, click create new catalog, page, event or item. For a community page, click here for set-up)
  3. Once the edit section opens, please click categories
  4. Then click detailed edit on the section you're looking to make changes to:


      5. Then choose Items and Pages and Detailed Edit on that section you want to make changes to

      6. For a new price, Scroll down the page until you see Price and click the + sign:

      7. Type in the number you want to make as a fixed price and hit create:

Make sure to save the work you did first before viewing this online.

This will now create your price and will look like this on the web below. To view this on the web, hit view item on the bottom left:

---You can do the same to get Free pricing onto your item by following the same rules as above.

---Variable Price is a little different in that you will now need to add in a range of prices for the donor to be able to type in.

Price levels can be edited, reordered or removed using the standard icons next to their entry on the list of price levels. Follow the directions above to get to your pricing section. From the create area, drop the box down to show "Variable". You will then add in the pricing as shown below. You can add in any numbers you want in the minimum and maximum (or none at all) and the donor will be able to add any price in between those numbers to donate to your organization. The text options below are important and here's why; they will be what your donors see online and how you find it for yourself internally. The Label can be changed to say anything you want, or nothing at all, but the donor will see the Label and it should not be variable (variable is the default name). You can also name it for yourself that you can remember (which is good because you can eventually use this pricing again at some point). The prompt text will be what the donor sees once they begin to send a donation/gift online in the checkout. See the full look below in your production section:

Then hit create. It will now look like this in your online catalog. As you can see below, I was able to add in $5000 to make as my gift that will be added to my cart at checkout:

The last pricing model is Multiple Pricing within Big River. This channel can be very helpful in giving several choices to your donors. They can also have a choose your own donation section which can be added at anytime. Follow the directions above like in the fixed pricing model. Use the drop down menu and choose Multiple Pricing. Now you'll need to name your pricing and then choose "Add A Price Level". Notice that it's important to out a label and Prompt Text like you did in Variable pricing:

Once you hit your add a price level, you will have the option to name this if you want (but you don't need to). Then just type in any number you want to have in as the price and hit create. You should do this for all the prices you'd like to have the donor choose from:

Once you've created all of your prices, hit create:

The make sure you "Save" your work. You will now be able to have this pricing model look like this online:

The donor now has a choice of pricing to add to their cart.

This is the way to create all your different pricing options in any of the Big River production options. It's a very easy way to make sure you can get the most out of your donors!