Custom fields are used to collect specific information during a transaction.

Available custom fields include:

  • Checkbox
  • Text Area (i.e., a comment box)
  • Text Field
  • Color (color picker)
  • Date (calendar for date selection)
  • Dropdown
  • File Upload (for uploading a document)
  • Image Upload (i.e. for uploading a logo)

Custom fields can be located in a number of places in the system, on the Customization tab for each:

  • On your Catalog checkout page under Advanced Options
  • On an item
  • On an attendee for an Event
  • On a Contact across your database

Custom Properties have a number of parameters in common:

  • Name - as you will see it in your database and on records
  • Prompt - text used on the forms where the constituent enters the data
  • Hidden - whether the field is hidden on a form - this can be overridden dynamically in response to other fields being changed
  • Required - whether a value is required to complete a transaction
  • Default value - initial value for the property
  • Show On Receipt - whether the field shows up on confirmation pages and emails

IMPORTANT: Once a custom field has been created, it can be re-used again and again. It is important to name your custom fields so it is clear what they do and you can find and use them in the future.

If a custom field is in use in more than once place, you will see a warning at the top of the page when you open it. Be sure to heed this warning. Any changes you make will affect every all places in which that field is in use.

Custom fields are added to forms automatically.  The data entered will also appear automatically in reports.